Summary and Discussion

The UK Governments 'Aims and Objectives' for food and farming (2001) have been examined using an Analysis Toolbox, and the following main points have been drawn from this:-

  1. they adopt many of the major discourses in the field
  2. they try to satisfy most of the major lobbying groups
  3. there is a careful balance between green and economic interests
  4. they attempt to please and unite everyone - no-one could object to the policies
  5. there are clear 'sites of tension' in the text, such as one involving forestry
  6. there are other points worth noting, such as the use of an incomplete form of the verb "protect"
  7. the document uses the word 'sustainability' frequently, and even more so in the current version (2003)

The Government documents do not engage with or mention the industrialisation and globalisation of the food industry.


1. The Context of Food Policy
2. Government and Policy
3. Policy Analysis
4. In-depth analysis of sub-topics
5. The Dispositive (Triangulation)
6. Summary and Discussion
    Authorial Discourse
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7. Conclusions

These results may be interesting, but what do they mean ? I look at this in the Discussion page of this section

I also include a Commentary with some of my own interpretations and conclusions about the results

It is interesting to look at these results in terms of discourse, and in particular to recognise that I have my own authorial discourse - it is difficult for me to analyse this, but necessary for the reader to offset this in thier interpretation of what I have done.. This includes links to my biography.

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