Summary of the Government Section

DEFRA is a very large department, with very complex and wide-ranging responsibilities.

I have established the following points:-

  • The Aims and Objectives are a key text within the Department's Activities, in particular, they are central to the Departmental Report
  • The Aims and Objectives can be seen as part of a wider attempt to modernise Government
  • The Departmental Report is the annual report by the Minister to Parliament, and includes the budget for the Department. To that extent, it is also a Treasury report.
  • The Department and its Aims and Objectives have developed further since then, becoming a system including a 'vision' and a 'prospectus' along with a system of Public Service Agreements

1. The Context of Food Policy
2. Government and Policy
Aims and Objectives
Roles of Aims and Objectives
3. Policy Analysis
4. In-depth analysis of sub-topics
5. The Dispositive (Triangulation)
6. Summary
7. Conclusions
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