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To avoid any future problems, I wish to set out my own position

I have been vegetarian for more than 25 years. Soon after becoming vegetarian, I stopped telling anybody about its benefits, and really, I don't care at all what anybody else eats. You are grown-ups, you have access to information, you must make your own decisions. Personally, I just don't fancy eating meat any more.

As it happens, I have been very happy with my choice - I went to the doctor twice a year before making 'the change', usually for 'flu or tonsillitis, and I have hardly ever been to a doctor since then. I also feel my timingwas good, and therefore I have all avoided contact with the recent illnesses derived from animals. I eat milk products and fish, I prefer wholemeal food, and I avoid processed foods. In a supermarket with both organic and 'ordinary' vegetables, I choose the ones that 'look best' from a sort of 'life-energy' perspective.

The "Eat Right 4 Your Type" school of nutrition recommends a diet according to your blood group, (see ), and strangely, as someone with A-rhesus positive blood, the diet I have slowly evolved over these years (that is, what I prefer to eat) is almost exactly what they recommend for A+ people, who seem therefore to be recommended to be vegetarian.

Politically, I think it's only fair to say that I am normally a radical, but that I think food is an issue where the radical and conservative sometimes unite. My response to the new additives and food processes is "that I would rather stick to the 'traditional diet' rather than these 'new-fangled' stuff". This seems to be coonservatism !

My normal work for a number of years has been in the international sales of industrial equipment, normally by auction, so I am very comfortable with world trade.

Environmentally however, I am much more radical. I am deeply concerned about world resources, desertification and 'sustainability' and it seems crazy to use up all the reserves of fossil fuels as quickly as we can (though this also seems a fairly conservative statement to me !). I am concerned at the way animals are treated. I would not like to work in any of these animal businesses, and I am sorry for the people who have to.

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