General Points
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I want to try and draw some other general points from the work I have done:-

In this area .. normally the only information we (the ordinary consumers) get is 'the news' from the news media. This is nearly always negative, about diseases or problems, and seldom positive or about progress (Dolly the cloned sheep is a rare example)

I have tried to survey 'what has happened ?' and 'what is possible ?' Inevitably, some readers will think I have done this too narrowly, others too widely - I hope the format has allowed the second group to 'skim' the work, and that the first group will send me some suggestions as to how to complete it better.

In this area 'who is saying what to who ?' ' and 'who is who ?'. I have written about 3 main groups, the businesses, the conservationists, and the media (food writers, advertisers, etc). How are they communicating, and who to ?

In this area I am planning to study the Government's food policies, using this work as a foundation. So, 'who does the government listen to ?' 'how does it make decisions on policies ?' .. 'how does it communicate its policies, and who to ?'

In this area . There have been major problems recently in the UK, particularly with animals. The normal 'industrial attitude' (in engineering, for example) is to push materials and equipment to their limits, to get the most out of them. Has this attitude entered into farming ? If an industrial component is pushed to the limit, it breaks, or fails the quality tests. If an animal as a 'production unit' is pushed to the limit .. what happens - no-one really knows .. but it clearly will be more likely to get a disease or illness. The recent problems may be connected to industrialisation, but I am not in a position to do more than hypothesise about this.

However, it seems to me that animals are the key issue for farming and food at the moment. Further questions arise such as:-
- How should people relate to farm animals ? (how do we relate to pets?)
- What are the limits for dealing with farm animals ? (feeding, health, drugs, obtaining dairy and egg products)
- How intensively should they be reared ?
- Could a positive yardstick of health be developed for animals ?

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