Vectors and the Great Experiment
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To give a personal narrative, I once met an American scientist who was a senior epidemiologist, and who had done a major study on the effects of Agent Orange. This was a defoliant which was sprayed on large areas of the jungle in Vietnam during that war. The purpose was to strip the leaves off the trees so that the pilots could target the Viet-cong enemy fighters beneath in the jungle. Unfortunately, Agent Orange had very bad effects on people too, including many American soldiers who were fighting in the jungle, who the pilots couldn't see and didn't have enough information about. When the US guys got home, some of them were extremely ill, but others (sometimes even those from the same platoon, with almost identical exposure) were fine. The epidemiologists have studied this - why were some fine and others dying, and their theory uses vectors:- if different vectors all added together and passed over a threshold, the results were disastrous. If they didn't cross the threshold, the person was fine. The vectors are not really measurable, but one can imagine an equation like:
Exhaustion + Stress + Fear + Hunger + Smoking + Stomach Infection + Agent Orange = Disaster threshold
If there were only 5 factors, the threshold would not be reached, and there would be no problem, so some of the people exposed to Agent Orange were not ill at all..

The 'Gulf War Syndrome' cases seem to be similar.

These were both caused by short-term exposure to one or more dangerous poisons, in a combination of circumstances - it was impossible to define a clear cause and effect relationship between one chemical and the illness that the person suffered, and vectors seem to explain this best.

With the changes that have happened with food, we are looking at exposure over decades to maybe 100 changes which are divergent from 'the natural'. This includes major changes in crop protection, animal diseases, genetics, harvesting, food processing, etc. Each individual change has been tested and found to be harmless, firstly by testing on animals, then by small-scale trials with people.
From a 'scientific viewpoint', immersion in '100 changes' over decades amounts to a "great experiment", where perhaps 95% of the UK population are being experimented on, and the remaining 5% form the control group for the experiment. Even with Agent Orange, we do not have much exact knowledge about the vectors involved, adn the same is certainly true of the 100 changes/10 decades picture.

My advice would be to try to be one of the control group, although the human constitution seems remarkably strong

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