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destroyed through man's intervention, to the point where there are virtually none untouched by human hand and where our rich heritage of ancient woods has become fragmented and neglected.
The Woodland Trust was founded at a time of emerging consciousness about the crisis surrounding the UK's woods. Our mission now, as then, is to conserve, restore and re-establish the country's woodland.

We have a clear vision for its future:

  • We believe there should be no further loss of ancient woodland.
  • We want to see woodland biodiversity restored and improved.
  • We wish to see an increase in the area of new native woodland.
  • We want to see an increase in people's awareness and enjoyment of woodland.

With attention focused on the millennium, the Woodland Trust calls for Government - UK, country, regional and local - to take ten steps towards protecting and developing the country's woodland through a mix of policy, practice and funding. (see our Millennium Challenges for Government)

There are many similar organisations: for hedgerows, marshland, highlands, rivers, estuaries, etc.

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