Food testing - TNO Nutrition in the Netherlands is a major laboratory company
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TNO Nutrition and Food Research wants to expand its position from the core competences developed (culture-dependent combinations of knowledge and skills). These core competences are:

  • evaluation of the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical and non-food products and their packaging on the basis of applied analytical chemistry and development of new packaging concepts
  • evaluation of the safety of food products, food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and occupational exposure to substances, as well as toxicological assessment of the effects of these substances on human beings, animals and the environment
  • studies on ingestion and digestion of food products as well as absorption and storage of metabolites on the basis of sensory, epidemiological and physiological research
  • processing and upgrading of vegetable and animal base materials to foods and food ingredients, as well as development, production and application of novel products by means of food technology and biotechnology
  • development of new or improved, sustainable and safe processes for the preparation of foods and food ingredients on the basis of applied microbiological research driven, among other things, from the 'reversed chain' concept (i.e. product quality as dictated by consumer demands is translated via retail and wholesale channels to requirements to be fulfilled by producers and suppliers of foods and base materials).

In particular, they are one of several firms specialising in the detection of GM contamination, and the certification of non-GM products. are another of the other main laboratory companies.

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