This has been a very wide-ranging study, and my main conclusions are:-

  1. On the basis of my Context Survey and Analysis, it is possible to state that there is a major historic process of industrialisation resulting in a high-tech food production industry. There is no more farming
  2. The Government's Aims and Objectives do not refer to or engage with the industrialisation process.
  3. There is a "collective amnesia" about these industrialised food sources, which is shared by most consumers, and apparently by the Government too.

On the basis of my sources, I think my conclusions are justified.

1. The Context of Food Policy
2. Government and Policy
3. Policy Analysis
4. In-depth analysis of sub-topics
5. The Dispositive (Triangulation)
6. Summary
7. Conclusions


I have gathered a Toolbox of analysis techniques, and I have used them to analyse the chosen text. This has created a lot of raw information about the text, the Government itself, and its policies - almost more than I can use. On the basis of a short text of 230 words, I could now answer many questions about the Department, its public positions, and its work.

At the start of this project I set myself five goals, and I want to review these now:-

Original Goal Result
I am interested in looking at 'how the policy makers think' (rather than in criticising what they have done) I think my project has begun to reveal some of the intentions and thoughts of the UK policy makers in this area (and though I may have criticised them, I hope I have not done this unfairly)
I am interested in the mechanisms of Government, Civil Service, policy, politics and mass communication media, and how these work together. The study of the Departmental Report and more recent DEFRA Prospectus has revealed much about the methods and mechanisms of the "New Government"
I am curious about the role of Government nowadays in the fields they operate in - is government policy effective ? or are they just another player in the global field ? I have discovered a divergence between how the Government performs its role and how it is seen as another player at national and international levels.There are special powers that the Government can use when needed.
I want to create a Text Analysis Toolbox, and test this in practice. The analysis toolbox has been effective, and produces interesting results
I am interested in the deeper (even instinctual) issues around food The deeper issues remain relatively undiscovered, but there is a wide gulf between the sources of the food we consume, and what we think (or hope) about it
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